Substation Construction

HEATSINC offers complete turnkey substation construction and maintenance.

Substation Construction Services

  • Buswork
  • Conduit Systems
  • Control Building Erection and Outfitting
  • Distribution Class Voltages up to 500kv, Primary For Utility, Solar, and Industrial Applications
  • Equipment Installation and Assembly
  • Excavation
  • Foundation Installation
  • Grounding Systems
  • Relay and Control Wiring
  • Steel Erection

HEATSINC maintains a continuously employed substation workforce of technicians and craftsmen that can handle any assignment from adding a new feeder position to the construction of a new UHV substation.

Substation Experience

  • Complete Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Services
  • Over 10 Years Experience in Complete Turnkey Substation Construction Services
  • Over 100 Years Combined Experience
  • Strategic Partnerships to Provide Turnkey, Design-Build Services
  • Subcontractors Located Across the United States
  • Voltage Ranges From 2.4kv to 500kv