Industries Served

Telecommunications & Data Centers

Technology advancements of the 21st century have elevated the importance of effective and continuous IT operations for most businesses and organizations. Companies are depending on their information systems for operations to function, and if a system fails or even simply becomes temporarily unavailable, business operations could be critically impacted. Well-functioning telecommunications and data centers offer a reliable infrastructure for a company’s IT operations. At HEATSINC, our field engineers have over 100 years of experience providing solutions for the telecommunications and data centers industry. Our services include electrical testing and commissioning, periodic maintenance testing, and specialized consultation to ensure uptime and availability.

Improving Reliability and Energy Efficiency

We work tirelessly to improve the reliability and energy efficiency of our clients’ data centers. According to the Telecommunications Industry Association:

“Electrical engineering infrastructure design is focused on designing electrical configurations that accommodate various reliability requirements and data center sizes. Aspects may include utility service planning; distribution, switching, and bypass from power sources; uninterruptable power source (UPS) systems; and more. These designs should dovetail to energy standards and best practices while also meeting business objectives. Electrical configurations should be optimized and operationally compatible with the data center user’s capabilities. Modern electrical design is modular and scalable, and is available for low and medium voltage requirements as well as DC (direct current).”

At HEATSINC, our knowledge and years of experience within the industry allows us to quickly assess the condition of a data center and offer effective solutions for increasing reliability and uptime.


Our team provides competitively priced work without sacrificing quality or safety, and we strive to conduct business with the utmost integrity. The evidence of this is clear in the work we do, the relationships we build, and our zero-incident, zero-accident safety record. Call us today at 478-353-1017 to learn more about solutions for the telecommunications and data centers industry.